Sunday, December 23, 2012


This week weather is to be better than last week, we'll just have to wait and see.

I guess I was wrong about the weather. Woke up around 4:30 am with thunder and lighting and we snuggled in for one more day of bad weather. We continued to get caught up on watch our favorite TV shows and movies. Mid to last evening the rain stopped, but with all the rain brought mud to our front door. The wife was wearing her rain boots when she went out. I stayed dry and never went out.

The sky opened and the sun came out to dry everything. The temperature was in the 70's and we had to get out of the RV for the day. We did not go anywhere special, but did get this weeks groceries. When we returned to the RV park, all the ladies was doing crafts. Today was paper beads and the wife made a necklace. It turned out pretty nice. Today, we also extended our stay at Azalea Acres until January 18th.

The last day we will be in the 70's until next week. Cold, wind and rain in the forecast the next few days. Keeping our finger crossed it does not get as bad as last week. We did take the awning down just in case.  The owner of Azalea Acres bought a Wii and I was asked to hook it up for her. If the rains come tomorrow, I'll be in the clubhouse playing the Wii all day. Christmas cards from fellow campers keep arriving in our mailbox. We are the kind of people who give cards and look for nothing in return.

Tonight was spaghetti night at the American Legion Post 44. The meal was only $5.00 and the plate was pretty BIG and fulfilling. The post was no where near as full as Friday night steak night, but still a decent sized crowd.

This time the weather "Person" was correct in predicting the weather. Around 4:00 am ~ 8:30 am the rain and winds came. Good thing we did put the awning away last night. There is no signs of tornado, but at least (for now) strong winds whipped through Mobile, AL causing major damage to shopping store in the Bel Air Mall area (where we went last week). After the storm passed. I walked around the RV and there was no damage. Our rig took the beating of rocking back and forth and still came out on top. Just in case you were wondering, the storm came early in the morning, so I did not have time to get to the clubhouse and play Wii (like I said I wound).

The weather was kind and the sun came out. Just to get out of the RV park we drove around for a different view. We came back to the RV park, no one was inside the clubhouse so the wife wanted to play Wii bowling. I beat her 2 out of 3 games. I wanted to add pictures, but forgot the camera in the RV. In the evening, the clubhouse was packed with everyone entertained with movie night.

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