Saturday, November 3, 2012


27~29 Oct
We did not get hit hard by Sandy except for wind and colder than normal weather. Saturday night we were woken my heavy winds. Our awning was taking a beating, I had flashbacks of earlier this summer when rain and wind broke my awning.  I did not want to wait four months for the insurance company to pay to get my awning fix like it did last time. So, around 4:00 am I jumped out of bed and ran outside to stow the chairs, tables and awning. The clamps I use to secure the awning cloth to the side arms was blown off. Luckily, the clamps was still velcroed to the side arms and the awning cloth still intact. For the next three days we hunkered down and stayed inside the RV and watch movies and played games.

30 Oct
Tuesday arrived and we headed to a Taco Bell for our free tacos (relating to my last post). The wife thought that there was going to be a long line of people to get the free taco.  When we arrived there was not much of a line in the drive thru or in the store. Taco Bell did not advertise in the store and the people in front of use did not take advantage. When we stepped up to the counter we asked for the free taco and the cashier had to pull out a card to run across the register to accept the deal. 

The day was only half over, so we went on a drive and kept going straight. Soon we crossed the state line into Alabama. On our way to an outlet mall we passed a gas stations at $3.21 a gallon while gas stations in Florida was at $3.35/ $3.28 on base. When we need gas we'll cross into Alabama to fill our tank.  We walked around the outlet mall and it took about two hours to finish. We did not even do a lot window shopping. We did however spend a long time in Lindor chocolate. The wife loves her chocolates. On our way out the door the worker dropped some extra single wraps in our bag.

31 Oct
The winds have died down and we put the awning out and put our chairs and tables back out too. Starting to get back to normal weather, forecaster said it will be in the 80's by the weekend. We even got a new neighbor and they are from Ohio too. This is the second couple we have met from back home. The first was from around Kings Island amusement park and this couple was from Dayton.

I have changed my mind about running 100 miles a month. I would be running everyday and no time for weight workout. I will run about 50 miles a month and start to workout with weights at the base gym. Right now with about two weeks into my running I'm at 24.5 miles and on pace for a 50 mile month. I will also hit the basketball courts at the gym too. The basketball court at the RV park is close to the ocean and sand with uneven parking lot for a court is not a good mix. Beside the base gym has all the state of the art equipment. I do however love the RV park gym, no one is never there and I can listen to my own music when I run. I can see a change in my weight from 6 months ago when I started camping in the RV when I was at 179 lbs and now I'm at 165 lbs. Besides my new lifestyle in my RV, I have started to live more health. I have not felt this good since I was on active duty in the Navy.

1 Nov
Went to the base commissary to pick up groceries, and we saw a white funnel cloud in the sky. Turned out to be the Blue Angels practice run for tomorrows air show. We are going to go on Friday when most people are still at work, this way it should be less crowded and better changes of  getting good pictures and video of the air show. I will do my best to post the videos I record. I have not had any luck in posting them in the past.

2 Nov
Arrived at the air show around 10:30 am, four hours before the Blue Angels performance and parking was slim. We were directed to park on a hill, when we left it was a story all it's own. We walked around the display airplanes, took some pictures for the wife father (he love his airplanes). There was areas with bleacher seating, but the cost was $15, so we just used our folding chairs. We found a good area close to the fence line so we can see the planes when they did low level tricks. Turned out not to be such a good idea. At 2:30 pm when the Blue Angels started, seemed like everyone all at once ran up to the fence line and we could only see people heads.  I took pictures and video of the show, but 10 minutes into the Blue Angels show the battery died. I was taking picture and video all day and my luck ran out. We started back to the car in the hope of beating a mad dash of spectators to the parking lot. When we left there was a car behind us, so the only way out was to drive our HHR into the ditch, drive all the way down the water runoff and hope to get back up on top of the hill. With power poles and cars parked everywhere it was a challenge. I found one spot where both cars have left leaving a small area that lead back to the exit. With the ocean sand making the ground soft I had to floor the gas peddle so I could get up the hill and not get stuck in the sand. The first thing I thought of was the first day when we left Ohio when the RV got stuck in the mud.  I did not want to live that experience over again. I made it up the hill. When the wife came to get in the car, I must have dragged the front end of the car because I had a chunk of grass under my license plate. We made it off base with little traffic. When we arrived backed to the campsite I had a red faces from looking in the sky all day.

Sorry, again the videos would not load.

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