Tuesday, November 27, 2012


In just two and a half months I have reached 500 views. First, I want to thank everyone that made this possible.  Second, I never thought this would happen so soon. I post this blog mainly to keep family and friends up-to-date with our RV adventures and try to inspire others with ideas to take their own trips. The down side to the 500 views is I have zero comments. I have set the comments for anyone to ask (I hope I did it right), not just for my followers. I try and post pictures along with website links to the places we visit (to help viewers conduct their own research) along with my feedback to allow viewers to fully understand our adventures.

For those that read my blog in the past, I'm still having troubles loading videos to this site. My camera records in .MOV format and when I try and post the video the uploading times out an cancels the upload. I will continue to work on this to get it to work. If anyone has ideas or knows how to do this, please post in comments.

Next goal 1,000 views!

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