Saturday, November 17, 2012


14 Nov

First we completed the lighthouse tour we started a few weeks ago. We could not climb the steps, because we were wearing flip flops. So today we returned to climb the 177 steps to the top of the lighthouse. The view was beautiful, you could see for miles. Gulf of Mexico with white sand beaches on one side, Blue Angels airstrip on another and downtown Pensacola skyline on the other. The wife was so excited to go to the top, when she did she got nervous. It took her awhile to get go outside and walk around the lighthouse. Finally, she waked around hugging the wall all the way around and then went back inside soon. She always want to stop and see lighthouses, but this was the first time we could climb to the top. I don't think we will be climbing any more lighthouses.

For lunch we went to Joe Patti for sushi. It is a fish market with a sushi bar in the back.

While waiting for the sushi to get made we was looking at the travel book and saw that Pensacola Beach was close and decided to make it part of our day. There was a 3 mile bridge we had to cross to get on Gulf Breeze and a smaller bridge to get to the Pensacola Beach town. It was $1 to get into the town, but free to go out. We got lucky and the weather was nice, but still to cold for anyone to be on the beach or in the water. We did walk up and down the beach and picked up some seashells.  

Not sure if you can see it, but "PENSACOLA" is spelled out in seashells.

As you read my post in the future you will find out I LOVE BASEBALL. If it's MLB (Majors), MiLB (minors), NCAA(College) or NPB (Japanese) and if I have a chance to see a game or stadium I will, and I'll talk about it. On our way from Joe Pettis to Pensacola Beach we passed the Pensacola Blue Wahoos stadium I had to stop to take a look. The stadium opened in 2012 and are the AA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds. Even though it's only a AA team the stadium reminds me of a smaller San Francisco Giants stadium with it's water front structure Blue Wahoos Stadium. For those who do not know, Billy Hamilton all time single season Stolen Base record of 155 in 2012 Billy Hamilton Stats (he is leading the Arizona Winter League in SB [10]), is one of the players on the team. After spring training he is more than likely to be assigned to AA and on our way out of Florida I will make a stop and see him in a game and try to get his autograph on a baseball.

16 Nov

We have decided to move our RV to Alabama and stay there for at least one month. The weather is about the same and the RV park is cheaper and they have activities to do. We had one last place on our checklist and it was Gulf Island National Seashore with Fort Pickens. Another national Park stamp in my passport book. The Gulf Island National Seashore is on Gulf Breeze and there is no entrance fee. There is a video about 45 minutes long and exhibits to look at. There is also a path to walk, but we did go because the temperature was in the mid 50's and strong winds alone the seashore. Besides, we had to get to Fort Pickens by 2:00 pm for the guided tour. Fort Pickens is on Pensacola Beach. There is $1.00 toll both to enter Pensacola Beach and $8.00 per car to enter Fort Pickens. Active Duty military is free, sorry no retired military discounts.
                     Gulf Island NS       Fort Pickens   

When driven on the park road the with sand blown across the road and looks like back home in the winter snow. We also braved the winds to get a picture together on the beach with the Gulf of Mexico behind us. We arrived 10 minutes before the tour started, so we waited inside the visitor center to keep warm. The tour had about ten people and took about 45 minutes. The guide knew I was retired Navy with a Japanese wife and he informed us that he was retired Navy and was stationed three years in Japan. he was also very informative of the Fort and told stories of the Fort during the Civil War. Around 1887 Fort Pickens was the home to a famous Bedonkohe  Apache prisoner of war named Goyahkla <One who yawns> aka Geronimo. On our way back I had to make a stop at the beach to collect some sand. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I got it anyways.

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