Saturday, October 27, 2012


We have been in a routine. We wake up and workout. I have been running around 3 miles a day. Next week I will increase to 3.5 ~ 4 miles in hopes to get at 5 miles a day by next month. My goal is to run 100 miles a month. Then, lay out on the beach to work on my sun tan. Other days we go on base to get food or just drive around getting to know what is in the area. Lastly, around 6:00 pm (CST) we walk out to the beach to see the the dolphin eat and watch the sun set.

We are going to try and go out at least once a week for sightseeing. This week we went to Pensacola Light House. It is located on NAS base. We saw sightseeing buses so even if you are military, you can get on base to see it. The House is free to tour. To climb the step to the top of the light house is $5 and $3 for 12 & under and 65 & over. No flip flops. We were wearing flip flops so we did not get to climb to the top. The light house is still on our to do list. After looking in the house and finding out it was haunted. Yes you heard me right haunted. It was even on an episode of Syfy "Ghost Hunters".

Right across the street is the Navy Air Museum, also on base and we saw tour buses pulling up to the door.  We must have ran out of luck, because the museum power was out all morning and they did not open their doors for visitors. We did find out that there is no cost to enter, except to use the fight simulator and watch IMAX films. The security guard informed us that it was an all day event to view everything inside and outside. It's a free day of entertainment and is on our list to do.   

Next weekend is the Blue Angel Air Show on base 2 & 3 November and it will be open to the pubic.

Even if you do not love baseball, but would like to have a Doritos Loco Taco from Taco Bell. Thanks to Angel Pagan (San Francisco Giant Outfielder) everyone in America can get a free Doritos Loco Taco. Taco Bell has a promotion for the 2012 World Series if any player steals a base Taco Bell would give away free taco. In game 2 in the 8th inning Angel Pagan had a stolen base and event the broadcaster on FOX told viewers how to receive the taco. I hope you enjoy your free taco.

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