Thursday, July 9, 2015



20-25 May

This is our second time to Washington, DC. On our first visit I did not own my National Park Stamp Book. This time I have my book and ready to visit all the sight again to get my booked stamped. In February, we had made plans to meet Hiromi’s Japanese friend. However, when we arrive she was getting prepared for surgery so we did not visit and gave their family privacy.  

We stayed at Andrews AFB. Most military campground is first come first serve, but Andrews has a six month reservation request. When planning this trip, I got lucky when I called four months out that a site was still opened. At the time I did not realize it was on Memorial Day weekend. The Biltmore Orioles were on the road and we saw the Washington Nationals the last time we were in DC, so no baseball.

I heard of a place where most of the DC National Park Stamps located. To see if the stories were true we stopped at the Washington Monument Lodge… and there they are 25 National Park Stamps.

The hunt was on for the remaining stamps I needed, while stopping and taking some pictures of DC Monuments.

The Lincoln Monument was a meeting point for Memorial Day weekend motorcycle rally. All the open green park grass was full of motorcycles.

I guess bikes of all kind are welcomed

Off the beating path, but still in the DC area, we went to Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site.  Mary Bethune was a leader in women’s right. The house was the locations of the Council and was also used for visiting blacks who could not use local hotels. A little history that most tourist don’t know about.


Trenton, NJ and the city of brotherly love, Philly, PA.

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