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22 Dec

We made it up and over Donner Pass with no problem. There was lots of snow, but none on the road so the drive was easier than we expected. There are a few decline grades of 4% -6%, but nothing as bad as we ran into earlier in the summer when we saw 23% grades.

Kids sled riding at rest stop near Donner Lake

 About the half way point to Travis AFB, we stopped to eat lunch at a rest stop, then we were back on the road for the last stretch.  About 10 miles down the road we saw the rock slide that was a road alert when we left. The road lane was cleaned up with piles of rock on the shoulder with cones to alert drivers. Shortly after that, a passerby passed us and slowed down waving her hands telling us to pullover. We followed them and exited at the next off ramp and got out. The inside of our tow dolly tire was smoking and looked like the ball bearing just melted away.

 We unhooked the car, drover to a quit (no traffic) area and left the RV and tow as we drove 4 miles or so back into the closes town. About 2 hours later we finally found a place that could do the work and went back to get the RV and tow to drop off at the shop.  Next was to find a place to stay for the night. We could stay at the rest stop, but have no idea how long we would have stay until the tow got fixed. Because of Christmas this week we could be waiting for parts until Friday, so we pulled out our Passport America book and started looking. Two miles back East from the rest stop was the closes park. …It’s a small world, the camp host family saw my wife and knew that she was Japanese and stared talking Japanese. They lived in Yokosuka, Japan for 7 as English teachers.  We got settled in and drove to the inn dinner across the highway to eat dinner. I had the steak and scampi and the wife had stuffed pork lone.

After we ate the soup that came in large bowl and bread I was pretty much full. I ate the veggies, some of the steak and asked for the rest to go. The owned came over and asked if everything with the meal was ok, because I did not eat a lot. I told her that after the soup I was full. I think while working at Amazon and losing weight my stomach has gotten smaller.  We returned to the RV and I turned in for the night.

23 Dec

I woke up with high hopes that the tow dolly will be fixed today and we can get back on the road to Travis AFB. The campground we are at is cheaper using our Passport America pass then the base, but we did not get any food before we left since we were going to the base and we could go the commissary.  We have to get to base today, as the next few day, more than likely the commissary will be closed. Well, that did not happen.  We paid for one more night and went shopping for some food, then hung out in the RV until we got the call around 4:00pm. We will pick up the tow dolly tomorrow; as they are open until noon on Christmas Eve. The total coast to get the bearing and cap replaced just under $200. We should be back in full working order and arrive at Travis AFB by mid day on the 24th. 

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