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26 Dec
A day after the wife and I spent a quit Christmas just kicking back watching TV shows we took off to see the California Capitol Building in Sacramento. The drive was just under one hour way and now we have been to five Capitol Building. The main entrance is closed and all visitors must enter from the L Street entrance.  After a quick airport like security check we were free to rome the halls of the Capitol Building. First was a stop in front of the Governor Office. There is a large bear statue and an armed guard standing watch on the door.  When I retired from the Navy, then Governor Arnold Schwarzengger, signed one of my retirement service letter thanking me for my twenty years of service. I was just feets away from where that process all started. 

We then walked around taking pictures of the inside of three story dome roof, the speaker floor and even rode one of the buildings elevators. Then we went outside to the front and took some pictures with the Capitol Building in the foreground.

We were starting to get hungry, so we made our way to sampling of flavored oils at Chef Olive Mix. 

Now I was hungry for some real food and we went around the corner and ate at River City Saloons. We order ours clubs at the bar and was eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor…. When in Rome!

One last stop to get saltwater taffy. As we walked out the store I saw an officer writing me a ticket as the meter must of ran out when we were in the store getting the taffy. When I walked to the back of the car to talk to the officer, she stopped writing the ticket and let me go. I did not have to say a word. Today must have been my lucky day.

 All them barrels of taffy and this is all we walked out with!!! What's up with that???

On our way back to Travis AFB we hit all the traffic and felt like it took twice as long to get back as it did to get to Downtown Sacramento. … One thing I found out from this is that California drivers are some of the less patient drivers I have ever seen.

 Being the weekend and Christmas traffic with everyone going back home I'm not looking forward to all the traffic we will be stuck in. The next few days will be long ones on the road. Tomorrow we are heading to LA to eat dinner at a Japanese restaurant the wife have been wanting to visit, then find a place to spend the night somewhere (California law is tough on overnight stays in public places). Then the next day a short stop to Palm Springs for the wife to sightseeing. Then finally, to Buckeye, AZ for our snowbird home at Leaf Verde RV Resort.

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