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18 Mar

Last night was Leaf Verde end of the winter season party for most of the snowbirds who are heading home starting today and the next few weeks. It was free to all campers as during the season we had a snowbird fund when we had breakfast, social hour or whatever get together where we donated money and the proceeds went to this party. We started off with pull pork sandwich dinner and boy was it good. The smoker used would make my Uncle smile from ear to ear. 

After the dinner we gather to the basketball court where the band  Come Back Buddy (click on their link) preformed songs from the 50's (a little before my time, but they are good) for a three hour concert. Sorry, after the sun set most of the pictures did not come out very good.

Selfie, with the wife being crazy
 Leaf Verde Campers
 Come Back Buddy
With all that green, can you tell it was St. Patrick's Day

We knew this might be the last time we see some of these people again or until next season IF we come back to this area. As always after staying somewhere for a long period of time it's sad to say goodbye. Some of these people we shared and open up to make us close friends. So to (not in any special order) Bill and Dolly, Paul and Shirley, Donna (aka Mom), Pat, Bob, Susan and Vick, water volleyball players, Scott (I'll follow you on and his staff at Leaf Verde and so many more who have made this winter season a rememberable one thank you so much, we will miss you all and hope that you will continue to keep in contact and follow our adventures in this blog. Until the next time we meet be safe on the road.

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