Saturday, March 1, 2014



26 FEB
Game 1
Indians vs Reds

First game of the season with 3,267 fans in the stadium and the good guys lost 8-3. There was a couple from the RV park who came with us and in the 4 inning the stadium work came to her ans asked if she wanted to play a game. If any team hit a home run she has to wave the Oakley flag and she would get a $50 coupon at the Oakley store. In the 7th inning Reds Chris Heisey hit a home run and she won the gift card. It was the only time that someone hit a home run off of an Indians pitcher and I clapped.

We were sitting in the Reds section and before the game I got a few autographs. (2) Joey Votto the wife got one a ROMLB and I  got the other on a 2009 Topps Red Turkey insert, Jay Bruce 2009 Topps (RC), Mat Latos 2013 Bowman and newly acquired pitcher from the D-Backs David Holmberg 2014 Topps (RC).

Tomorrow, I will attend Indians batting practice and check to see if minor league camp has started yet. I'm looking to get Indians 2013 #1 draft pick Clint Frazier autograph some time this spring.

Today's Autographs

27 FEB
Game 2
Indians vs Reds

I went to Indians batting practice, I got 6 autographs and one batting practice ball. Here are my autographs, one of the broadcaster for STO (Sports Time Ohio) and former Indians outfielder Rick Manning 1982 Fleer, Jason Giambi 2005 Topps, Michael Bourn 2007 Bowman (RC), Dave Murphy 2014 Topps, Arron Harang 2009 Topps and Carlos Santana 2010 Topps Update. My luck continued at the game with total of 3, (2) Josh Tomlin 2010 Bowman Draft Pick and 2010 Topps Updated and Joe Wendle 2013 Topps Heritage Minor.

After getting the autographs at batting practice, I went to the minor league field. There was only a handful on players taking batting practice. So, by the looks of things Indians minor league camp has not started yet. However, from the twitter account of former Kent State players, some are already in camp. Maybe, by next week minor league camps will be in full swing. I then, walked to Goodyear Ball Park to see the game.

The good guys won 12-3 in front of 2,493. Big surprise that Jesus Aguilar played all 9 inning at first base, that makes two day in row Nick Swisher has not played. If Nick doesn't play tomorrow, something might be wrong. Indians had 3 home runs today Elliot Johnson 2 run homer, Tyler Naquin 2 run homer, and the big one on the day went to Jack Lowery with a grand slam.

At tomorrows game I will try and work on the Reds Billy Hamilton and Brandon Phillips.

Today's Autographs

28 FEB
Game 3
Indians vs Reds

Before today's game, there was a big celebration with the Mayor and parachute team landing in the stadium. They even announced the player as they ran to the foul lines before the game, so that took away from the players signing time. I did however get 3 Reds autograph before everything started. Bad news still no Brandon Phillips, good news I now have a Billy Hamilton. The 3 autographs are Billy Hamilton 2014 Topps, Brayan Pena 2014 Topps and Mat Latos 2012 Topps.

For the game, the good guys won again 4-0 in front of 3,066 fans. Zach McAllister and Josh Tomlin both pitcher 2 inning and both looked pretty good. Nyjer Morgan had a highlight diving catch in center and Ryan Raburn had a 2 run homer. While there was no sign of Nick Swisher for a third game in a row. Jesus Aguilar did get some more innings and at bats, but still looking for his first hit this spring.

The team shops is selling game used base pads from opening day for $250.00 each.  They are also selling game used balls, bats, jersey and locker name plates. This is what the bases look like.

Tomorrow's game is Reds vs Rockies, I will try and get some Rockies autographs.

Billy Hamilton
one of four Parachuters
(See the Indians flag)
Terry Francona with media after another win
Today's Autographs

1 Mar
Game 4
Reds vs Rookies

All last night and most of the morning it rained and rained hard. It was the first rain storm in the last 70 some days. I thought the game might be postponed, but Goodyear Ball Park twitter account, "game is on as scheduled'. When I arrived I was one of the 1,500 fans to receive a Reds Fleece Blanket. The sky was cloudy and over cast, but the game was on. Before the game I got 4 autographs 1 card and 3 5x7 photo. Nolan Arenado 2014 Topps, manager Walt Weiss and 2 young catchers Matt McBride and Tom Murphy. For the game, Reds won 3-2 in front of  3,012 fans. 

As soon as I got home, it started to rain again. I hope it passes before tomorrow game when Mariners visit the Indians.
Reds Fleece Blanket Give-a-way

Today's Autographs

Autograph Total

Week 3 Total
Cards        17
Photo          3
Baseball      1


Spring Total
Cards       54
Photo       17
Baseball     5
SI Cover    1



  1. How in the world do you know who signed which ball? It looks like chicken scratch to me. And where do you store all this in your RV? What a collection!


  2. Thank you for reading and your comment. I put a stick-it note with the players name on the box the ball came with. We have 7 storage unites on the outside of our RV and the two smallest are for "my stuff". The balls where mailed in a box by the dozen and they are stored in that box. The photos I print myself and are kept in 3 ring binders with protector sleeves. The card are keep in a 3,000 count sports card box. If I want to continue my hobby and collection I have to make everything fit outside, or the wife will throw it away. All I have to do is make it back home once a year to store in my parent's attic until next spring when the cycle starts over again.

    Looking forward to you next blog post.

  3. I was the lucky winner of the Oakley gift card, and spent it before we left AZ. Great time at the Goodyear ballpark with you and June, Russell.

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed, IF we make it back to Buckeye next winter we would love to go to another Indians vs Reds spring training games together. This time don't lose lose your Joey Votto and Reds baseball cards. Stand next to me and the players will come to you and I'll piggy back your autographs. GO TRIBE!!!