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This week our RV Resort had a three days two nights trip to Las Vegas. However, we turned it into a four days three nights trip. We don't mind bus trips, but they only stop for scheduled stops and we like to stop whenever we like, so we left a day early and drove ourselves. Almost a 7 hour drove we knew it would take most of the day and crossing into the Pacific Time Zone we would gain one hour. Like most of our drives this winter, anytime we leave the major city we see nothing but desert and no surprise we saw nothing but desert most of the way to Nevada. Once we got close to the Nevada boarder we started to see Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Another stamp in my book... or so I thought. When we arrived at the visitor center they are closed on Monday and Tuesday, so we would have to wait until our drive back to Arizona to check it out. However, we did stop at the look-out from 95. We also made our way to Hoover Dam. There has been lots of work since our last visit. All-in-all we spent about 1 1/2 hours in and around the area before heading into sin city for our check-in time at 4 Queens.

The first night we did a little gambling, sightseeing and ate chopped steak diner two for one deal. I remember back to our first visit to Las Vegas (mid 1990's) meals were cheep ... not any more. The best way for us to eat was look for coupons for 2 for 1 meals. This gives us a chance to spread out and eat at other places then just our hotel restaurants. Looking for those deals are part of the fun. We walk around and saw the 350 lbs eat free buffet, souvenir stores and some street acts. We then return to the hotel and after a long day on the road we called it an early night.


Just in case you did not know, there is more to Vegas then just gambling and staying on the strip so we made a trip to Nellis AFB. We like to go to Military bases to use the exchange and commissary. I've earned the right to use them, and when we can we try to stop at a base. Then, we headed to an Asian market, the wife had to get her food. We got food for the next two days for breakfast and lunch then we would eat out for our dinners. When we got back we started to see our fellow RV campers show up and checking into their rooms. We caught up with some of them and hung out gambling until it was dinner time. With 90+ people from the RV Resort I guess everyone got hungry at the same time as the line to the casino restaurant was backing out the side door, so we made our way to another casino.  With another couple from the RV Resort we made our way out into the streets and found anther place to eat dinner. We had the prime rib. This place was not stingy at all with the prime rib and the cuts were thick and long. I think this was the first time, in a long time I could not finish a meal. Unfortunately, I could not take it with me as there is no refrigerator or microwave in our room. I just hated to leave it behind knowing it would be thrown away. We made our way back to Fremont Street just in time to see the top of the hour experience LED light and music show. Afterwards, we hit a few slots and turned in for the night.

Now that, is SUPER SIZE


There were exhibits on the strip the wife wanted to see. We ask the couple from last night if they wanted to go and the four of use drove to the strip. First on the list was the Bellagio's Botanical Conservatory. It was decorated in the theme of Chinese New Years.

Next, was the Flamingo's Wildlife Habitat. Basically, an outside water pond where they had of course flamingos, along with fish and birds.

Last visit was the Mirage's Salt Water Aquarium. The aquarium was nice and full of fish, but it was behind the check-in desk making it hard to take picture with guest checking-in getting in the way. I think it would have been better if the aquarium was in the lobby making it easier to view.

Some pictures from the strip.

We finally, got a chance to eat dinner in our hotel restaurant and of course it was a 2 for 1 coupon. We felt a little lucky and the wife hit triple 7's on the penny slots and left with money in our pockets. $.75 bet turned into $12.30, the winnings paid for dinner. We went outside to see another Fremont Street Experience LED light and music show and turned in for the night.


Our RV Park had one stop at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Las Vegas before heading back to Arizona so we met them there, but on our way out of the casino we saw a slot machine that had money on it. We tried to cash it out, but could not. It must have been free play money so we took turns playing the money. 15 spins latter not one win, I guess better us trying then letting the money sit for someone else. We still left Vegas with money in our pockets, better than none at all.

We arrived at Ethel M Chocolate Factory before the buses, so we just waited. When the buses arrived we all walked in as a group, but I was disappointed that the factory was dead and not making any chocolate and the prices was too high... can you say tourist trap.

$90 WHAT!!!

We said our goodbyes and left our fellow RV'ers and made our way to Lake Mead National Recreation Area. As we arrived I got my National Park stamp in my book, watched the park video and walked the exhibit room. We could see Lake Mead from the top of the hill and wanted to go inside to take a look at the docks. With our National Park Pass in hand we drove though the gate ($10 for 1-7 day pass). We drove down to the docks and walked around. As we got on the dock you can see almost to the bottom. There was carp and strip bass everywhere along with birds and ducks looking for someone to throw food in the water. As we stood by the water edge and looked out into the lake we can tell where at one time the water level stood a lot higher than it does today.

 Look at the white lines around to rock. That means at one time where I was standing was under water.

Before we know it, it was close to 1:00 pm with the 7 hour drive and losing an hour after crossing into Arizona we called it the end of our trip and started home.

 As I'm about ready to publish the post I have noticed that a lot of articles are starting to hit the web about the danger of Lake Mead shrinking and what it will happen to the States that relies on Lake Mead for it's water and power that Hoover Dam creates.

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