Monday, October 22, 2012


     Normally, a 958 miles in 15 hr 46 min turned into 1,887.1 miles in 16 days. We enjoyed the trip and seen lots of interesting places. We are staying at the Blue Angles Campground in Pensacola, FL (Close to Naval Air Station). We are located in the Central Time Zone, something we have to get use to. We hope to enjoy what the northern pan handle of Florida has to offer before heading down south in February for baseball spring training. Most of the blog until then maybe dry and routine daily life, but we will continue to  visit nearby states and attractions during our stay. If we are within a 3 hours drive one way we will try and take a day trip.

     This weekend we spend the days relaxing and getting to know the area. We found the base exchange, base commissary, base gas station and our bank. Finally, my bank is close to me. This week we will look for the veteran's club American Legions and VFW. 

     Out RV site is under lots of trees and acorns are falling all the time. When they hit the roof most of the time they roll off, but when they do it sounds like a pachinko parlor (Japanese example) or dice at a craps table (American example). The Campsite sites right along the Ocean banks. There are several fishing docks (I need to get a salt water pole and fishing license first), water craft launch, two beaches, a small marina ran by military, fitness center (no free weights) mini golf, frisbee golf paintball and laundry room. The best part of it all, there is not a cloud in the sky during the day and the sunset view is breathtaking at night. 

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