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16-18 AUG

As you can see by the date, I have been working on this post (along with a few other) for a pretty long time. I was afraid this might happen. With about a month remaining in the summer (when I first started this post) we were busy with task that need to be completed so we could leave by mid-late September. It's now September, and we're still busy getting thing in order. The RV stuff is almost done, it's the little things left in OH that I need to get done because we will not be returning until 2019 or later.

With no baseball games this week we took a three day trip to Dayton, OH in the RV. We have not done any traveling all summer and I was itching to get back on the road. Of course we wanted something close, but still far enough away to use the RV. Besides, after the maintenance we want to see how the RV would drive. Good news it drove good. However, when I did a tire check (first week of September) and took the wheel covers off I noticed that the lettering in the tire was coming off and looking like the tire was wearing thin. Something else to add to the TOP of the list before we leave. 

Anyways, back to our trip... I killed two birds with one stone making this my first blog with post and Youtube videos. You can read a little and then watch video to complete the adventure. 

First stop was the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park. We saw the Wright Brothers video and 1902 model plane. While I was talking to National Park Ranger, Hiromi noticed a stuff bear and it was free IF we completed getting seven stamps from what we called the Aviation Scavenger Hunt. Just by the look on her face I knew we had to go on this hunt. Bad news, the ranger said there were no more in stock and that when we completed the stamps that the bear would be mailed to us. Two things, One we are RV'ers and spending another day in Dayton would not be a problem and second we have a mailing address. SPOILER ALERT: we stayed in Dayton an extra day....  If you want to see the full story of our trip to Dayton,OH CLICK HERE. to see the video.

Meet Mr. Flyer

After our stay in Dayton, Hiromi asked why are we going South? This is the wrong way!  I had one more surprise visit up my sleeve. We were on the back country roads with no rest stops. We hit the last big size town before sunset and spent the night at Wal Mart before taking the last hour drive to the surprise... Hocking State Park in Logan, OH. Nice little hike were we saw waterfalls, Devil's Bathtub and Old Man's Cave.  CLICK HERE is see the rest of the story,

Tire Update:
Last RV maintenance (finger crossed) of the year. We need two tires, one pictured above and the other was the spare had a nail in it. While we were here we got an oil change too. The thing I like most about  C & B body shop in Louisville, OH is the is right. Because our Class C RV is on a Ford Chassis they charge us for a Ford truck, not like the large RV change store we all love to hate. Two tires $325 and oil change $25. The oil changes I had done in the past in the RV giant stores cost over $100 and the price for one tire was the same as I paid for two. I will never do Chassis maintenance again at a RV shop. If you are in ever in Louisville, OH this is the place to go C&B Body Shop. 
(FYI: not getting paid to advertise just a place where I got good service at a good price and want other to know about). 

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