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I'm starting to sound like a broken record ... I have fallen behind in my post and to catch up I've decided not to write about every games, instead to talk about the series as a whole. 

Akron is on the road all week and no home games for week 19.

Week's total: 0 games, 0 balls (0 give-a-way), 0 autographs
Games: 0 day  0 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 0-0

Akron's total: 48 games, 145 balls (63 give-a-way), 140 autographs, 4 bat, 11 SGA,
Games: 10 day  38 night  1 doubleheader   Home record: 30-18

2016 baseball season total: 65 games, 177 balls (68 give-a-way), 225 autographs, 11 bats

22-28 Aug

Ducks won all 5 games on the road last week and are in 2nd place eyeing a playoff berth. Game 6 was postponed by rain until 2 Sep to complete the game in Akron.

The best team in the League arrive for a three game series. This is the series I'm worried about. Two players on the team have 35 and 37 homeruns and are both League MVP candidates.  Time to bitedown and see if we are for real.

Game 1
Got 8 balls at BP and gave all 8 away. Got 3 Reading autographs. Ducks won 5-2.

Game 2
Brought 4 balls from home and gave them away. Got 1 Reading autograph. Ducks won 4-1.

Game 3
Ducks won 4-3.

Richmond (Giants) comes into Canal Park for a four game series.

Game 1
During BP Richmond Angel Villalona broke his bat. All his teammates where ohhh'ing. You're not suppose to brake at bat in BP, that mean you swung at a bat pitch. Needless to Angel was made. I tried to talk to him to get the bat but he was not talking to anyone. The coach Hector Borg who threw BP I asked him for the bat. He said after he plays and jokes about it in the club house. I have faith he would come through. When Hector came out for the start of the game he had the bat in hand and gave it to me. When I looked at the name on the bat my heart skipped a beat as is was an Albert Puljos module bat. I would also get 2 ball from BP and 6 Richmond autographs. Ducks lost 4-7.

Game 2
Saw something new on the field. In the 2nd inning the Ducks had 9 batter come to the plate scoring 4 runs on only 1 hit. Got 2 Richmond Autographs. Ducks won 9-3.

Game 3
Bobblehaed give away night of Miss Lippy from the movie Billy Madison. Hiromi can to the game with me so I got two bobbleheads. No BP. However, I brought 6 balls and gave them all away. Got 3 Duck Autographs. I though instead of just having balls #299 and #300 I would get them signed by the player who threw them to me. A little added bonus to the collection. Ducks lost 3-13. I needed one of the Ducks mascots auto for the team set, she missed the card ... just a bit outside.

Game 4
Brought 6 balls to the game and gave them all away. I caught a screaming line drive foul ball off the the of Richmond's Darren Ford. The weird part was he bats right handed and he pulled the ball to the third base dugout. Usually the ball would go over the first base dugout. After the game I would go to Richmond dugout and ask for the broken game used broken bat.... and GOT IT from Chris Shaw. All the kids were saying, "give me the bat". I said, "Chris can I have your bat please". When I got the bat I said, "Thank you". My mom raised me right, What's wrong with today's youth? Ducks won 8-2

Week 20 Haul

Week's total: 7 games, 11 balls (24 give-a-way), 15 autographs, 2 Bats, 2 SGA
Games: 0 day  7 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 5-2

Akron's total: 55 games, 156 balls (87 give-a-way), 155 autographs, 6 bat, 13 SGA,
Games: 10 day  45 night  1 doubleheader   Home record: 35-20

2016 baseball season total: 72 games, 188 balls (92 give-a-way), 240 autographs, 13 bats

Ducks are on the road fro the first half of the week until they return for the final weekend of the season. The Ducks end the season the way it stared by hosting Bowie Baysox. This will be a five games series as the first game will be a completed from a game stopped due to rain. The season comes down to the final week, if the Ducks win four games they are in the playoffs. If they win all five and Altoona loses 3 of it's last 4 Ducks win the Division.

2-5 Sep
Game 1
There was a lot of roster moves for the Ducks. Need to pull of these card to get signed. Brought 6 balls and gave them all away. Got 2 Bowie autographs. Ducks won 7-4. After the game I ask Henry Urrutia for his broken bat and got, Another former major leaguer bat.

Game 2
Because the game is a double header MiLB rule has these as a 7 inning game. Ducks won 6-3.

Game 3
Last bobblehead giveaway and Hiromi came with me to get two of former Cav and the late John "Hot Rod" Williams. Brought 4 balls and gave them all away. Got 6 Ducks autographs. Ducks won 4-3.

Game 4
Brought 2 balls gave them all away. Got 4 Ducks autographs. Duck won 5-3 and took the first place in the division. Ducks are in the playoff.

Game 5
If the Ducks win they win the Division and home field in the first round playoffs. Brought 2 balls and gave them all away. Ducks won 8-6 winning the Western Division title.

Week 21 Haul

Week's total: 5 games, 0 balls (14 give-a-way), 12 autographs, 1 Bat, 2 SGA
Games: 0 day  5 night  1 doubleheader   Home record: 5-0

Akron's total: 60 games, 156 balls (101 give-a-way), 167 autographs, 7 bat, 15 SGA,

Games: 10 day  50 night  2 doubleheader   Home record: 40-20

2016 baseball season total: 77 games, 188 balls (106 give-a-way), 252 autographs, 14 bats


7-11 Sep

Western Division Champs Akron RubberDucsk will face 2nd place Altoona Curve in the best of 5 series. Game 1 and 2 were in Altoona and the teams split the series 1-1. Ducks are back on their home field where they have a winning record.

Game 3
Got 5 balls at BP gave them all away. Got 4 Duck autographs. Ducks won 9-4.

Game 4
Got 3 balls at BP before the rain came that would suspend Game 4 one more night. Return for game 4 (part 2) the next day and Hiromi came with me, I got 2 balls at BP. Hiromi got her first ever baseball, one down 332 to go. 

I got two more balls and gave 5 balls away (three from the rain out yesterday), but we kept Hiromi's. I got 1 Duck autograph of Yan Gomes. Hiromi was able to get a good picture of it too.

This was one of the best games I have ever watched. Both teams knotted at 0-0 and each pitching staff giving up only one hit through 9. We would go into the 10th inning and Eric Haase would play hero with a walk-off single scoring Mike Papi from second base. Clinching the series and sending the Ducks into the Eastern League Championship game. Let the partying begin

An usher threw me a champagne cork from the field,


13-18 Sep

Trenton Thunder (Yankees) won the Eastern Division and will play games 1 and 2 in Akron. First team to win 3 games are the Eastern League Champs. There are two former Indians Prospect who got traded to the Yankees for Andrew Miller. I just hope they don't pitch good against us. I would hate to see us lose the title by good pitching from former RubberDucks.

Game 1
Went to BP early and got 8 balls, gave them all away. Got 2 Trenton autographs. Eric Haase was the hero once again with a grand slam in the fifth to put the Ducks in front and win 6-3.

Game 2
Got 4 balls at BP and gave them all way. Ducks won 4-2 and take a 2-0 lead in the Championship Series. Now they head to Trent for three game, all the Ducks have to do is win only one game and they clinch.

Final game of the 2016 season in Canal Park. It's been a great ride watching the Ducks play. My first year ever as a season ticket holder and I could not have asked for anything better. My first All Star and Playoff games in the stands. I set a goal of giving away 100 baseball and accomplished that. I have never got a bat in my life (until this years spring training) and I would add 14 to my collection.

However the Ducks finish this season it was worth ever penny. Do or die, Ducks Fly Together.

Akron went to Trenton and sweep the series and are now 5 times Eastern League Champs.

No more baseball post... until spring training. See ya next year.

Playoff Haul

Week's total: 4 games, 22 balls (22 give-a-way), 7 autographs 
Games: 0 day  4 night  0 doubleheader   Home record: 4-0

Akron's total: 64 games, 178 balls (123 give-a-way), 174 autographs, 7 bat, 15 SGA,
Games: 10 day  54 night  2 doubleheader   Home record: 44-20

2016 baseball season total: 81 games, 210 balls (128 give-a-way), 259 autographs, 14 bats

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