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When something goes wrong or needs to be done it usually comes all at once. I held off to get maintenance done since we are not moving this summer and when I finally took the RV in the list grew from stuff we need to get done while adding stuff we wanted. First I had to buy the Ford headlight from a Ford dealer. The RV shop said it could take up to two weeks to arrive, while I got it from the dealer the next day. Next I had the roof resealed and coated. They said there was no cracks in the sealing so they just cocked over the old sealing. It looks like crap and missed the whole section by the ladder. At least it won't leak if it snows when we are in Tennessee this Peak Season at Amazon. Hiromi kept saying she wanted a new toilet. So I got her a new toilet. It's a little bigger then the old one. The flush is by foot where our old one was by handle. The weird thing is we still reach for the handle after we flush by foot. We got hit by a rock (or something) as a semi passed us on the highway and the window cracked. The shop estimated $1,500 so I called my insurance to help cover the coast. After taking the RV to a body shop it only coast $225.00. The RV shop prices are jacked to high. Over all I paid way more for all the maintenance and upgrades than I wanted, Hiromi said that what I get since I waited to do everything all at once.

I did some DIY on our steps. Rreally easy except for the old hook springs were rusted, but the the mat came off with ease.

                                 BEFORE                                                      AFTER                 

There still are a few more thing we want to upgrade to the inside of the RV that we will DIY. We want to pull up the carpet and lay tile, remove our day/night shades in the bedroom & put up curtains and our dinning cushions are getting warn and need replaced.  We still have lots of work to do in the five or so weeks we have left in Ohio before we hit the road. I hoping to video record the carpet and bedroom upgrades to have a DIY on Youtube.

It took a few day to set up the car maintenance appointment, I wanted to make sure everything with the RV was done first. The turn single would not turn off after I made a turn, the AC / heater would only work on high and not the lower levels and front turn single light burned out. There must be a leak somewhere in the front of the car as they found rust in my vents that prevents the AC/ heater to work correctly. They told me I was lucky to have it working at all. I thought that I could DIY on the headlight bulb, sounds pretty easy right? Not anymore these days. The bulb is located under the wheel wall. I took out the screws but then there are plastic bolts with no way of coming off unless I broke them off, then the wheel wall would be flapping when I would drive. The body shop did the turn light bulb for free.

Both the RV and car should now be in perfect working order (knock on wood) and should have nothing to fear. It's good that we got all the work done while we are located in one spot then have to have something go wrong when we are on the road. Time to go back to work at Amazon so we can replace our emergency funds.

We still have to find time to do spring cleaning in our outside storage and lose some weight that we are carrying. We will be on the road for the next three years and there is no better time to clean now when we are at home so we can put stuff in my parents attic. Also, we want to spent a couple days on a local road trip to give the RV a road test to make sure it's running smoothly after being parked all summer before we hit the road again next month.

I know it's been a while since my last Youtube video, but I still need to do voice over for the cooking episodes. I can't talk Hiromi into doing them with me, I guess I'll have to do it myself. Keep your eyes open for new post I have in the works. Just to give you a taste of what videos I'm working on, Cooking with Life-in-RV, RV tour, American Sushi, What is there to do in Canton, OH? and of course where ever we go on our local trip.

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