Sunday, August 14, 2016



The last three weeks have been non stop. There seems not to be enough time in the day to get everything done. We wake up and are busy all day, before I knew it three weeks have flown by. We had two straight days of RV maintenance, followed by one day of car maintenance. A week of Akron RubberDuck baseball, football Hall of Fame game, family yard sale, Youtube editing and that's just the tip of the iceberg. To keep the post somewhat in order and understandable I broken them up by topics and I'm working on four different posts all at once.

Our family has had tickets to the Football Hal of Fame game before I was even born. Living in the Football Hall of Fame State, I grew up loving football. Growing up I always looked forward to the start of the football season, I would see the first game of the year. Now that I'm on the road anytime we are in Ohio in August there is always a ticket with my name on it.

You know I'm getting old when 6 of the 8 players getting inducted into the Hall of Fame I watched growing up. For the first time EVER, the game was canceled after fans have already entered the stadium. There was issues with the paint that was used on the field. Most of the newly inducted Hall of Famers came out on to the field as there name was announced, just like they would have if the game was going to be played. Fave was in shorts and no Hall of Fame gold jacket. I would rate the game a big fat ZERO and a black eye to the Hall of Fame and the NFL. Right now I want to boycott this years NFL season, but who knows how long I can hold out when the baseball season comes to an end? The best part of the whole game was meeting my nieces KaraLynn (17) and Mei (20) for the first time.

Here is where I would have sat to see the game from Row E 50 yard line. Can't get much better than that.

When the Hall of Fame weekend comes rolling around, so does my Aunt's yard sale. It seems to get bigger every year. This is her 43rd year of having the yard sale and this year there are 18 different families who have brought stuff to sale.

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