Thursday, July 7, 2016



We have completed all our holiday shopping and running around. We have locked ourselves in the campground and are not leaving until the holiday weekend is over.... It's gonna be crazy out there!

Monday I finally found a tripod at the flea market. I knew if I keep going back sooner or later I would fine one. It's a good size, small when it's folded up and pretty tall and sturdy when opened to it's full size.


Thursday was a big spending day. I found some GoPro accessories (gooseneck and roll bar mount) at Wal Mart for cheap. I don't know why, but I did not ask either. We also found a portable propane grill at Target (assembly required). After three plus year our charcoal grilling we burned a hole in the bottom and was needing to get replaced.

I have been working on ideas for my Youtube channel and it went live last week. My first episode is an intro to why I set up the channel and what kind of videos I will be posting. You can view all my vlog post by clicking on the Youtube icon to the right. (If the link is not working, let me know) Along with my blog post I will post a video every 5-7 days. Right now I'm using a GoPro and Fuji Film XP for my videos. When shooting in low light the video is a little dark. The sound on the GoPro is OK as long as I not using it with the waterproof case. These are just a couple things I have noticed. Hopefully, I can work on the lighting and sound to make the videos better. This summer will be easy, but once we leave and head to TN for Amazon it will get tricky. I just hope I can keep up. Sometimes it was hard to keep the blog up to date when I'm on the road and now I will be doing videos too. I think that is why I said I'll post about once a week to start.

To clear the air, I did NOT start the Youtube channel to make extra money. I will NEVER ask for anyone to donate. I'm doing it because I like taking pictures and editing videos. Also, sometimes I might not write in depth details on where we are and I think showing the videos will make it feel like you are right there beside us. All I do ask is if you like my videos to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Because, I will not post in this blog every time that I have a new video uploaded. However, I will post it on Facebook so my family and friends will know.

1 Jul
I hope this is not a sign of thing to come this weekend as we woke up to rain. When the rain finally stopped one of our canopy strap stitching ripped off by the rain. After the canopy dries I will have to glue or tape it back together.  

2-4 Jul

Cutty's kept me busy with lots of actives to photograph and videos to shoot all weekend long. Lots of kid actives so I will not post pictures. I did get some nice sunset pictures and even got some help from Hiromi in one of the picture.

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