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Stayed at Weston Lake Recreation Area on Fort Jackson just 30 minutes to Columbia, SC. Visited our first city named after a number, the world largest fire hydrant and when we are in the State Capitol why not stop and see the Capitol Building.

Ninety Six NHS

No one knows for sure how the town got it's name, but it's believed that the town was 96 miles away to Cherokke settlement. The British Forces occupied this area. The Patriots saw it as a weak point and attacked. However, with the fort in a diamond shape had all angles covered for attack. The patriots dug trenches over the open lower grounds. In the dark of the night the Patriots placed a 30' tower in front of the diamond fort to shot down into the fort. The British placed sand bag higher for protection. This was the longest siege battle in the war (if I remember right 28 days long). In the end the Patriots received to many casualties and retreated and the British won. But, because British reinforcement was so far away the British burn the village along with the fort and returned to Charleston.
   Standing in the foot step of the Patriots

 Reconstruction of the tower (Not 30')

Capitol Building

We had street parking just half a block for the Capitol Building.  Most of the other Capitol Buildings are open floor in the center on the building, not South Carolina. It's is furnished like a high end hotel lobby right in the center of the dome.

Worlds Largest Fire Hydrant

Just a few blocks from the Capitol Building on our way back to Fort Jackson is the Worlds Largest Fire Hydrant. Not much to say here, the picture says it all.

Weston Lake Recreation Area on Fort Jackson
 What a view! Early morning as the sun was coming up warming the lake water to get the mist floating on top of the lake.
 Not sure what in the water in SC to make this pine cone soooo big.
 Collecting fire wood for dinner on the open flames.
 Cast iron pizza and cherry pie for dinner.

Virginia here we come!

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