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Normally an 11~12 hour drive from NAS Corpus Christi, TX to NAS Pensacola, FL however, we decided to take a three day detour to do some sightseeing in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi before arriving at our final destination.

Stonehenge II Ingram, TX

We had no idea that Stonehenge II even existed, until I read about in a fellow full time RV blog. Constructed by Al Shepperd and Doug Hill 1989 in the middle of Shepperd's pasture. A few years after Shepperd death the land was bought and the new owner wanted to knock it down. The Hill County Arts Foundation bought the monument along with the Easter Island Head and moved it 8 miles east to where it stands today. We parked the RV on the side of the road and there is no cost to view these amazing work of art.

Louisiana State Capitol Building Baton Rouge, LA

Another State Capitol Building bring our total to 14. Louisiana Capitol Building is the largest in height of all the US Capitol Buildings at 450 feet and has 34 stories with an observation deck on the 27 floor. The Louisiana Capitol Building is often thought of as "Heuy Long Monument" due to the influence of the former Governor and US Senator in getting the Capitol built. Completed in 1932 for $5 million in just 14 months. In 1935 a month after Heuy Long announced that he would run for President he was as assassinated on the ground of the Capitol Building. There is a grave marker and statue marking Heuy Long final resting place. This is a ton of history that I did not realize until we did this tour. Starting with Heuy Long, alleged assassination that was truly a ricochet bullet from a gunshot that was intended to protect him. Funny thing is he was not even the Governor, but still had an office in the Capitol Building. He was there hosting his buddies ... AKA Mofia. A 1995 Hollywood movie was mad about Heuy Long staring John Goodman. titled "Kingfish". I have to watch it to see how the Hollywood story differs from what the workers in the Capitol Building told. Also, in 1970 there was a bombing of the Senate House were the law of free wrok was being passed. The Union forces laid the dynamite destroying everything as a warning NOT to pass the law. there is still a piece of wood in the ceiling.

Louisiana old Capitol Building was only 10 blocks away we tried to drive to it and find a parking spot, but there was a city block party and driving down narrow city road was a pain. the only parking spot we could find was the one we where at. After driving for 10 minutes we returned to the same parking space and walked the 10 blocks. The old Capitol Building looks like a castle. By the time we arrived the tours were closed and could not see from the inside.

Before leaving we walked the Mississippi River.

Can you fill in the blanks?

Anytime we are in Louisiana if we are stopping to visit or just pass through Hiromi has to stop at a Cafe Du Monde for her beignet fix.

Gulf Island National Seashore Ocean Springs, MS

We return to Gulf Island Seashore NP this time to visit the Mississippi side. Last time we were here was 2012 and on the Florida side. Unfortunately, the ferry boat to the Gulf Island are closed until March, we still hiked a few paths and even got to see an alligator. We have to visit once again in the summer to get to the Island's to see the Fort and crystal sand beaches.

Few days in Pensacola, FL to visit friends before heading to Fort Myers, FL for 2016 MLB/MiLB Spring Training Red Sox and Twins.

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