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3 May

Many years ago, while sleeping I dreamt of driving along a high mountain range and driving off the edge. So, evertime I drive a mountain range I fear that dream will turn into a nightmare and become reality. The last four ~ five days I've been feeling like my maker has been calling my name. Lucky for me "fair winds and following seas" (Navy term: wind at your back and clear roads ahead) was on my side. This time down the mountain we took the car off the dolly and the RV drove a lot better. Except for the times when the dolly would hit a hole and jump up or drag the bottom and make sparks. The wife would come over our 2 way radio frantically telling me to be careful.

This is the Mountain that stressed me out. Inside the red circle is the road we took.

We made our way to San Jose, CA were we stopped at Mitsuwa (Japanese grocery store).  Mitsuwa parking lot was to small and tight for our RV to enter, so we went up the road to Westgate Mall to park the RV. Since the car was already off the dolly, we drove the car to Mitsuwa.  First, we ate diner at their food court, I had Pork Katsu Curry (pork slices with white rice covered with curry). It has been close to nine years since I ate it last and my taste buds enjoyed every bite. The wife had Katsu-don (pork slices covered with egg over white rice). Sorry no pics. After we where done we got up and a worker took our trays and cleaned the table behind us, just like it's done in Japan. American fast food joints needs to start doing this. I hate to seat down at a table and see what the person before us left behind. We then walked around the grocery store and everything the wife bought was for her and nothing for me.

We were told that California has a law were we could not spend the night at the Westgate Mall parking lot, so we put our groceries away, filled the tank and headed North. We pulled over at the first rest stop we saw on I-280 for the night. It's was a really small rest stop with only four RV parking spots and one was taken by a small car (I just hate it when I see that, besides there was plenty of spots open for cars only he could have used). With our car back on the tow dolly we just fit in our lane.

4 May

With no internet, welcome center or visitor information we have nothing to go by to find somewhere close by to stay for a few days. Not even at the rest stop we spent last night had a road map posted we could look at. Goal today, find some kind of information center to plan the next few days. 


We stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge, got my National Park Book stamped at the visitor center and found a place to stay for the weekend until we can get up to Travis AFB, while we get the RV brakes fixed. There are only two RV parks in the city of San Francisco. One about 40 minutes back though the city of San Francisco to Candle Stick Park area climbing the large city hilly streets or 10 minutes over the Golden Gate Bridge. With our brakes issue it was and easy choice, we took the latter and stayed at Marin Park in Greenbrae, CA. Before taking off we walked around like tourist posing and taking pictures with the Golden Gate Bridge behind us.

The last time I was here was right after I started my retirement leave (May 2010). Almost four years ago to the day I have drove a circle around America and I found myself at the beginning of this chapter in my life (life after the Navy). Reflecting back on the last four years, it's been a great ride. I've encountered on a lot of adventures mostly good, some not so much. Meet some great people, in person and online. Saw the beauty America has to offer. I owe it all to the decision I made to becoming a Full-time RV'er, I would not change a thing. I'm looking forward to more adventures, meeting old friends and making new ones and continue to find all the hidden treasures across America.

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