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1 May

Yosemite National Park has been on the wife's to-do list for years. So, no matter what we were going. I would drive all the way around this mountain just to make her wish come true. We took the car off the tow dolly to lessen the weight of the RV when climbing the rest of the mountains. I drove the RV while the wife drove the car behind me. With our 2 way radio in hand to communicate we left Walker, CA. After leaving the high mountains, we put the car back on the dolly but, .... guess what.... there were still more mountains to come. All the slopes and hitting the brakes every two seconds I think I killed them, but we arrived to Yosemite NP in one piece. Yosemite NP had no open RV sites, so we had to exit the park and stay at one of the state parks just outside the gate at Diamond O Campgrounds.

With nothing but time and the quite surroundings, my worries about the RV brakes turned into stress in an instant. I could not eat, drink or sleep for hours after we arrived. I knew there was nothing I can do about it now, but it was still in the back of my mind all day. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed we can make it to a town safely to get the brakes fix. Tomorrow, I hope to free my mind and we'll see what Yosemite National Park has to offer.

2 May

As full-time RV'ers we always hear talk about "take the road less traveled". In our case, in the last few days I now know why these roads are less traveled. But, what was waiting for us to see on the other side; mountains that toughed the heaven and water falls flowing from the clouds was a once in a lifetime experience.


Entrance fee $20 a vehicle. Last night when we arrived all three gates was open with no one entering but us. This morning, only one gate was open and there was a long line of vehicles forming behind us. As you drive into Yosemite from I-120 there is about 25 miles of scenic view before arrive to the valley floor.

John Muir 
The man who worked and fought to make Yosemite
a National Park, so we could see beauty that he saw. 

Once we reach the valley floor and the trees opened it was a draw dropping view. I had to stop the car and pulled over just to try and take it all in.

We drove deeper into the valley to the visitors center where Yosemite Falls are located. Yosemite Falls actually has two falls an upper and a lower. We stood at the bottom of the lowers and look up, but could not see the upper level. However, from a far we were able to see both levels. There is a hiking trail you can take to stand at the upper level, sadly we had to pass as we still had other sights to see.

Yosemite NP has a free bus route that goes around the park. We left our car in the parking lot and jumped on the bus. When we saw something we like we jumped off, checked it out then waited for the next bus to come to take us to our next stop.

The last trip of the day was one of the most recognized sights of Yosemite NP, the Half Dome. We took the path to see the Half Dome by Mirror Lake. The bus stopped and we got off, the hike is about a mile or so and while walking we saw a horse back trail tour on the other side of the stream.

You can image how Mirror Lake got it's name, as you look down into the lake and you can see the reflection of Mother Nature from ever angle. As we look up, there it was... Half Dome high above the Mirror Lake grove with a large open space. I don't know for sure, but a glacier must has washed the other half of the dome away leaving behind Mirror Lake. However it was created, it was beautiful.

With no internet or cell phone coverage in the campground and located in the middle of nowhere, I had to revert back to the time before computers and write on paper with a pen taking notes of my adventures of the day. I felt at peace with nature and the words just flowed out of my hand and onto the paper with ease.

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