Monday, April 14, 2014


9375 West Coyotes Blvd
Glendale, AZ 85305
(623) 889-7770  

To tell the story correctly, I have to go back to November of last year and start from the beginning (I promise it won't take too long).

~Flash back to November 2013~ Neither one of use have ever road a mechanical bull, but always wanted to try. We found a restaurant close by that had one. We went to Saddle Ranch, located in the Westgate Entertainment District. It is basically a outside mall located a block form University of Phoenix Stadium home of the NFL Arizona Cardinals and next door to Arena home to the NHL Phoenix Coyotes. We arrived around noon with $1.99 Bloody Mary the wife started drinking, thus putting the mechanical bull ride on hold for another day. The ride cost $3 per person. The food was good. The wife had fish taco and I had the chicken sandwich. However, it took a little longer then we expected to get our meal so the waitress gave us each a kamikaze shoot on the house. Just what the wife need, more alcohol with no food.

~Fast forward 5 months~ We finally made it back to Saddle Ranch to ride the mechanical bull. This time we did it right, we road the mechanical bull before we ate lunch. Only a few people was eating lunch inside, so it was the perfect time for us rookies to take a stab at rodeo stardom. We both signed a contract and our lives was in the hand of the mechanical bull operator. The wife went first, and it took some time for her to get on the bull. When she finally got on the bull, the operator gave her instructions ...oh boy here we go. The bull started and to my surprise she did better than I thought. Next, was my turn. It's pretty hard to get on the bull, I had to use the mat as a trampoline then jumped on the bull. After my instructions... the bull started. I was no were as good as the wife, the operator stopped the bull two times for me.... maybe because she felt sorry for me. When I was bucked off my inter thigh/ knee area was bruised. LESSON LEARN: To anyone wanting to ride a mechanical bull wear long pants. We both had a good time and if you want to see the video, the wife ride link is located here, my ride link is located here. We grabbed a table and ordered our lunch. The wife had the California club wrap and I had the buffalo chicken sandwich.

As we walked around the outdoor mall, trying to get the feeling back in our legs we looked at the waterfountain and the sidewalk chalk art that was completed over the weekend.

Model of Westgate Entertainment District

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