Tuesday, April 25, 2017



After leaving Arizona, we headed to Snowbird Mesa in Overton, NV ( BLM and free camping). This was our first experience with "REAL" BOONDOCKING. The view was great, we had a large area, but the winds.

After two straight days of 30 mile hour winds we packed up and headed back down in the valley were the wind was a lot comer. Our reservations at Nellis AFB was still four days away, I was on the hook to find a place to stay. The casinos on the boarder town of Nevada and Arizona in Mesquite, NV has 72 hour RV parking. We stayed two nights at two different casinos. 

Instead of gambling all day, I need some RV parts to do some light repairs to our tow turn signal. On our last stop it was working perfectly, Somewhere in that last 100 miles it came unhooked and had some serious road rash.
                                                             NEW                100 Miles Road Rash

 I just need a new male 4 pin and 12V 6 pin adapter. The local Wal Mart did not have what I needed and the closes Camping World was 40 miles two states away  in Utah. We were in Arizona about three miles from the Nevada boarder. our rear driver outer tire blew. Parts of the tire hit the car next to us and they pulled over too. After checking to see if Hiromi was ok, I went to their car to see how they were. Everyone was fine and now time for roadside service.  After only a few minutes on the phone with GEICO there was a service worker pulling over to help change our tire.

There was some damage to the wheel cover and some items in our storage bin broke.

After a three hour ordeal we were secured in the Casino parking lot. The money we save boondocking and casino surfing was short lived as it went to replacing the tire and items broke. The RV damage is minor and something I think I can fix with a drill and rivet gun.

We did gamble a little taking $49.54 of the house money. Also, gamblers who only want to win big money leave small amounts in the machine or on the ground. I found six tickets the totaled $1.01. Hay, free money. If your dumb enough to leave it, I'll take it!

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