Tuesday, October 6, 2015



After leaving Ohio and on our way to Texas we have made it a tradition of sorts that anytime we are near Arkansas to make a stop in Hot Springs NP.  We stay at the NP campground for $10 a night no hook-up or $30 full hook-up. We spend a day at Quantum hot springs pool, ate lunch at the Ohio Club and found out about the 28 history maker tour of spring training baseball in Hot Spring. I told you I could find baseball history anywhere.

With our body and mind relax next stop Haslet, TX and Amazon for the next 16 weeks.We arrive at our KOA campground. For a KOA, I was not impressed. We were fighting off ants for a month that seemed to be everywhere from our sink, drawers and even in our bed. The shower house and laundry room was filthy, can't receive mail and the pool is not heated.

All these birds and still could not eat all the ants that still found there way into our rig

It took us a month, but we moved out of KOA and found an opening at A+ RV Park no ants (if there are campground takes care of them) clean showers & bathroom, can receive mail and an added plus FREE laundry. The drive to Amazon is a few miles longer, but still arrive at work around the same time. 

Haslet Amazon warehouse is huge, but once you walk it all day for a few days it seems small from the inside. We are assigned to the day shift in receiving. We wake up around 5:00am and out the door and on the road by 6:00am to starting our shift at 7:00am-5:30pm. For anyone returning to Camperforce Amazon the indoctrination class has the same power points & videos. There was two new personnel holding the safety training classes and were not very organized. No camperforce ambassadors, but they are looking for volunteers now and should be in full swing in the next few weeks; where campers will train campers. For the job, not to go to in deep, receiving is where product first arrives in the warehouse and we scan the product into the Amazon system and moves to the next stage for stowers. In the month we have been at Amazon, I have worked the line two days after our first week of training on the line. The rest of the time I have been assigned to the dock crew caring boxes off the trucks or moving pallets all over the building. For Hiromi, she has been assigned to ICQA for a few days and lately Prep along with the line. She like Prep and ICQA. We could have had ICQA when we arrived, but she is a day person and ICQA was for the night shift. I would have loved it, as I'm a night owl.

If your a camperforce on your way to Haslet and have any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them or lead you in the right direction.

We have not been out anywhere on our off days, just the local places for groceries and eat out. We both want to just relax and unwind. We are at Amazon to work and play time will start after our commitment is completed. Hopefully, in the next few weeks we will get to Dallas and visit Memorial Plaza where JFK was shoot.

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  1. Glad you were able to stop in Haslet! It's a great town to be from, and we love to serve our community. Thanks! SERVPRO of Northwest Fort Worth: