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23-28 Jun

Walking on water, Acadia National Park and the best sunset every night.

The main reason we are in Bar Harbor, ME is to see Acadia NP, but there is more to this town then just the National Park. The small town is a tourist destination with shops, dinners and tour trips everywhere, but look beyond that you can find some gems. You can walk on water! Well not exactly, during low tide we walked across  the sand bar to Bar Harbor Island. The most important thing you need to know before you head out is the time for low and high tide. Don't drive across the sand bar and be back before hide tide or you will be stuck on Bar Harbor Island until the next low tide (about 12 hours). As we crossed over to Bar Harbor Island there was lots of stacked rocks lining the shore, but the most impressed was back by the hiking trail.

Low Tide
High Tide
Don't park on the Sand Bar,
or this can happen to you!

What we found to be the most rewarding was siting along the waterfront after dinner looking West as the sun would set. Some of the most breath taking sunsets I have seen since I was station on USS Peleliu.

We finally got to Acadia NP. We had to renew our NP annual pass, so we did it at the visitor center instead of the entrance gate hopping to save time. As we walked into the visitor center the line was coming out the door for people getting park pass. After getting my pass, I came to find out that most of the people got the pass so they could take the free bus ride into the park. We drove our car into the park. Some of the things we did was walk the sand beach, hiked Beehive and saw Thunder Hole. The Beehive was a mountain hike that had rebar in the side of the mountain that helps climbers reach the top. I lead the way of our hike so I could help Hiromi, but she scared the Sh*** out of  me when she climbed and put her weight backwards. If she would have lost her grip, she would have fallen backward over the mountain. As we got to the top it was a great view of the park and surrounding town. We took the walking path back to the bottom of the mountain. Lot easier, if you wanted to get to the top of Beehive and not climb the side of the mountain just take the back walking path to the top. Our final stop was to see the Thunder Hole during high tide. Mother nature was not on our side today as it sounded more like a whoopee cushion then thunder.

For dinner we headed back into town and found a place tucked back down between two other building. They had a car coming out the door way so we had to take a look, and the food was pretty good too.

Crossing the boarder into Canada.

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