Friday, April 3, 2015



1 Apr

Arrived to our new home for the next 3 days at Page Lake Powell Campground in Page, AZ. Located on the edge of town, but close to shops for restocking food and ect. Weather is in the mid 60's, a 30 degree drop from Buckeye. Big surprise for us was the indoor pool and hot tub.  

2 Apr
First on our list was Antelope (lower) Canyon, Navajo owned and operated by Carolene Ekis. All tours are guided required at $28 a person (3% surcharge if using credit or debit). The tour is about 1 hour 45 minutes long. As we enter the canyon there is a descend of 100 feet to the canyon floor by staircase. With the GoPro in my hand and the camera in Hiromi's hand we set off below to the unknown and excited of what laid ahead. The trail is narrow with some low hanging cliffs, man-made stairs cases with a few large open areas for nice photo opportunities. All the surfaces of the canyon is smooth to the touch as flash floods carved out the path we walked. When walking I wanted to look up the whole time as I was just amazed of the view that kept changing around every turn. The only downside was the 22 mile winds on the surface above the canyon that kept dropping the sand above on top of us.  However, the view of the sand falling with the sunlight beaming thought the canyon cracks was remarkable.

 100 feet descend and the start of the Canyon

 One of the many narrow paths

Sand fall from the surf above

 At the end of the tour my shoe full of sand

Second on the list was a 5 mile drive out of town to Horseshoe Bind. Located just off the main road and about 1/2 mile hike from the parking lot. I have seen the view from pictures on other blogs, but you have see it yourself to feel the adrenaline first hand. When I stood near the edge my body was get beaten up by the blowing sands. The bind is 270 degrees with the water flowing right to left from the picture below.

Final sightseeing spot for the day was Glen Canyon Dam. Started construction in 1956 and completed 10 years later in 1966. The dam provides hydroelectric and serves water to Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, California, Nevada and Mexico.

We were close to Glen Canyon Recreation Area and decided to get a head start for our tour the next day. We were going to rent a jet ski, but the water temperate is only 52 degrees, so we got tickets for the boat tour to Rainbow Bridge NM. Good thing we stopped, because the only tour was for 7:30am tour that is 6~7 hours long. Tomorrow will be a long day.

3 Apr
Arrived at Glen Canyon Recreation Area 6:50am for our 7:00am boarding of our tour boat to Rainbow Bridge NM. 2 Hours 15 minutes each way with 1 hour 30 minutes at the NM. After 20 years in the Navy I felt right at home on the boat ride.  The water levels have drop dramatically over the years so the boat dock has been moved farther down and the hike to Rainbow Bridge is about a mile long. The hike is worth it. As we turned one corner the left half of the Bridge reviles itself making us want to walk faster to see the whole view. As we turned the final corner the view is just draw dropping. Most arches are formed from wind, however this one was carved out by water. Rainbow Bridge NM is one of the most expensive National Parks we have visited at $125.00 per person, but well worth the once in a life time view.

 $20 million boat

Off to Mesa Verde, Colorado. 


  1. Wow, that's some pretty neat stuff. Looks like you two are having a blast.

    1. We are having a blast. This in only our first stop on our 2015 road trip and there is lot more to come. Topping Antelope Canyon might be hard.

      FYI: We will be in the Florida panhandle and stopping in Jacksonville around 11-15 May.