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13 - 16 May

We where on the road by mid day for a long 6+ hour drive that tuned into a two day drive. We like to take our time and see what's on the way, we are not in a hurry to get anywhere. In the middle of the mountain we spent the night at a rest stop that was empty most of the night. Not something we are use to seeing, we know we are out in the boonies now.

First on our stop was to make a small detour to Avenue of Giants. It a road the run along 101 on level road and drive through the redwood trees then having to climb the mounts and only see the top of the trees.  We stopped along the side of the road and tried to hug a redwood tree, but we had no luck. We also made a stop to the visitor center, there are lot of trails and other things to see. We decided to pass on the hikes as we wanted to arrive to the RV park before dark.

We made our way to Mad River Rapids RV Park, about 30 minutes from Redwood National Park. We stayed there for 4 days with a full schedule of things to see and do including Redwood NP, whale watching, Tree of Mystery and seen a lot of elks.

Redwood NP is a BIG area includes around the ocean cost and in deep high mountain sides. One of the visitor center is located on the ocean. When we arrive it was fogy and dark along the ocean. However, when we got to one of the Redwood NP hiking trails it was sunny and clear.

We found an area on top of a cliff overlook to look at some whales. We could see the whales blowing water from their blowholes and large dark shadow objects in the water. When we tried to take pictures they turned out to not do justice on this remarking view. I keep saying I need a bigger and better camera leans...

 If you enlarge the pic, you'll see the whale starting to jump upward

Last of the trip was to stop at Tree of Mystery. It not hard to miss, look for the 49 feet tall Paul Bunyan and his blue ox. It's located right on 101 and after you pass out of the tree covered road it's located on the right. If driving by RV, turn left into the hotel and park in the back on the dirt parking lot. It's the only place big enough for large rigs as the Tree of Mystery parking lot is set up as POV parking only. Price is $15 a person. A little pricey to see trees, but I think that it's because of the the sky trail cart ride to the top of the mountain. Oh, the sky trail has some great views. The wife got scared when it felt like it broke down when we were only half way up. That's because of the wind and when the cart in front of us arrives it slows down to get on the platform tracks. Some of the these trees whereon Ripley's believe it or not. And, the wedding tree what a place. It took a couple shoot, but I got a good one with the sun shining down the center.

While driving back out of Redwood NP there was female elks gathering in all places an RV park. We pulled into the RV park and took some pictures. Not one block away was the male elks. I guess they don't like hanging out together, unless it's matting season.


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