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Our RV Resort had a group tour to University of Phoenix Stadium, home to the NFL Arizona Cardinals. We had to drive to the stadium, so we left early to get lunch at Westgate City Center located a block away. As we were waiting for the other to show up, I walked around the Stadium and found the Pat Tillman Statue and water pond. 

The tour guide opened the doors and let our group into the stadium. As you walk into the doors there is a Cardinals Hall of Famers wall.

The next thing you see is the field... in this case the field was outside so all you saw was the floor.There is 13 tracks to pull the field in and out of the stadium. The stadium hold 68,400 seat and a extra 15,000 seats can be added. The scoreboard is the largest in the NFL. The dome can be open or closed and takes 15 minutes. The seats painting is an Indian symbol meaning good luck. The field, natural grass will remain outside until 1-2 days before game day when the field will then be painted.

A question was ask how much beer is used in a game and the reply was 37,000 kegs per game. That a lot of beer and at $5-$12 each nice little profit. There is 800 women toilets and 400 men toilets. You can walk around the stadium and can still have a view of the field or watch from the 600 TV's throughout the stadium. We made our way into the visitors locker room (Cardinals locker room is off  limits). There is a total of 4 locker rooms and the Cardinals locker room is used only by the Cardinals. For high school football,  or any sports the teams will use one of the other three locker rooms. We took the elevator to the ground floor and walked the halls to the visitors locker room. There is 60 lockers plus the head coach office and coaches dressing room.

We then made our way down the tunnel to field level. By the look of it the when the field in brought inside there is a 3-4' high where the field will fit. Top of the gray pole is where the top of the field will be when placed inside the dome. We then got together and took a group picture.

Last on the tour was press box and club box seats. Press box is nice and big with tables to eat and meet other reporters and then the press box with a great view and table space for everything. Under the table is four out lets and the internet ports (the user name and password was on the wall). The club box seat was at the end of the field and can see everything with soft cushion seats inside the room and outside in the box seat with it private bathroom. These club box go for $90,000 to $140,000 a season. I guess the owners have to pay the players some how

Press Box

Club Box

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