Monday, June 30, 2014


To my readers, I’m sorry that I was unable to updates this blog in a timely fashion. We have been busy this last month and half seeing everything that Oregon and Washington State has to offer.  The campground we are in does not have internet, except in their clubhouse. After checking email from family and research for our next trip there is no time to sit and write a good informational post. Hauling the PC to the clubhouse every day is a pain. However, we will be heading to Fairchild AFB this week and they should have internet I can pick up in our rig.  

Here is a small taste of what’s to come; OR Caves NP, OR Dunes NRA, Sea lion caves, safari wildlife, Pittock Mansion, Lewis & Clark NP and that just Oregon. There is twice as much for Washington State. I promise, the wait will be worth it.

Until then, I’ll take you out to the ball game…

29 Jun

The day after Josh Tomlin tossed a complete game one hit gem against the M’s we had tickets to Sunday’s day game.
Josh pre-game workout

With a friend who lives in the Seattle area that I meet at Leaf Verde this winter I got to visit Safeco Field for the first time. To my surprise he gave me some old Mariners Stadium-Give-Away bubbleheads of Ichiro and Franklin Gutierrez, great additions to my growing collections… thank you.

Before the game, I was able to get Indians pitchers Josh Tomlin and Justin Masterson to autograph a few baseball cards. Along with a picture with STO sideline reporter Katie Witham. I told her, “I was going to bring it to spring training next year and have her sign it”. She replied, “I hope to be in Arizona next season”. 

The M’s King Felix followed with his own gem of 8 innings one hit ball in a 4 – 0 M’s win. With the stadium roof open, we watched from our seat for the first 4 innings, and then we walked around the park taking in the game from different angels. In the sixth when Robin Cano hit a two run homer we were in the right field seats where the ball landed. The crowd was going crazy, I could only shack my head while looking to the ground as my friend patted me on my back.

In the center field concord there is a statue of the M’s announcer Dave Niehaus calling the 1995 ALCS game 5 against the Yankees (M’s first playoff appearance). The statue is so detailed that even the score card that was used is exactly the same as the paper version.

I was shocked that there are no other statues of Mariner greats like Edger Martinez, Griffey Jr, A-Rod, Randy Johnson or even Ichiro. There is a small Mariners Hall of Fame exhibit. I was disappointed not to see a Randy Johnson no hitter display. It was the first in Franchise history. They did have one with the six players combined for a no hitter and King Felix Perfect Game. 

Again, disappoint to see nothing about Ichiro 262 (MLB record) hit in a single season except for a footnote picture on the outside of the stadium.  

In the left field stands there is a section for King’s Court. A fan section dedicated to Felix Hernandez. At the top of the section there is a King Throne. I wanted to sit in it, but I was wearing my Indians jersey and did not feel right. 

 By the 7th inning we were along the Indians bullpen. This area is very fan friendly, even for visiting fans. I could not see much of the game, because where the pitchers sit and watch the game has a roof over it, but there are giant screen TV’s to catch all the action. I was watching relievers getting warmed up before going into the game and after one session, the bullpen catcher saw I was wear an Indians jersey and threw me the ball.

Safeco Field Prices: 2 tickets $38, Parking $10 (block and a half away), food $23 (2 foot long hot dog and stadium cup with free refiles).  A great day spent with my wife and friend. Walked away with a handful of collectibles, autographs and a game used ball to add to my ever growing collection. Along with another baseball stadium marked off my bucket list. The only thing that would have been sweeter was a Tribe win, but we can’t win them all. 


  1. Looks like you are having a great time!


  2. Thank you for reading and your comment. We are definitely having a great time. We wanted to try something different this summer and drive around instead of staying in one spot the whole season. Turns out to me more $$, but it's worth ever cent. When it's all said and done we'll visit 8 States and 1 Canadian Province.

    I just need to find a place with internet connection I can receive in my rig. So much to share, no way of getting to this blog in a timely faction.